Equipment: Check Out the Kickstarter for the Limited Edition Lord of the Rings Ring Set

We here at Geekstronomy don’t normally supportShire Mint Post Kickstarter campaigns. When we do it is for a close friend or because the product is just that impressive. Well, the people at the Shire Post Mint produce some incredible coin replicas and they have started a Kickstarter for a new Lord of the Rings coin set.

These very impressive coins look and feel just like real coins but are not legal tender outside of Middle Earth. Each coin is highly detailed and is perfect for the Lord of the Rings fan in your life. I don’t believe you will be disappointed in these coins.


Their press release regarding this new coin set tells you what you need to know: “Shire Post Mint is excited to announce our latest project launching on Kickstarter: The Lord of the Rings™ Set #2. This is our newest set of 5 coins from Middle-earth™. Like all coins made by Shire Post Mint, these collectible coins are struck in solid metals and are stamped one at a time on antique machinery. Backers enjoy FREE shipping and a free Raven Penny plus access to lots of add-ons.


The new set contains the following coins:


• Rivendell™ Moon – made during the rule of Elrond™ – nickel silver

• Lake-town™ 2-Ducat – featuring the Master of Lake-town – nickel silver

• The Shire™ Half-Crown – featuring a Chestnut tree – brass

• Harad™ Iron Mûmak™ – featuring an Oliphaunt™ – iron

• Red Hand of Saruman™ – made near Isengard™ – copper”


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