Equipment: Mattel at Toy Fair 2017 From Barbie to Wonder Woman The Ladies Rule This Year

I have often referred to Toy Fair as a trip to Santa’s workshop. mattel-logoThere is so much to look at and it usually turns into a shopping list of wants for me. There are so many companies that attend and it is impossible to see everything in the short amount of time no matter how well good you think you are. Did I mention, it is impossible to see everything?


One of my favorite stops has to be Mattel. I know that when most people think Mattel they think Barbie but Mattel is so much more. This year between the collector’s event and the Monday event we were able to see so much that made us drool. The thing that stood out was the radio controlled Batmobile from Dawn of Justice. I wasn’t the only one to find this amazing because I couldn’t even get close. The few pics that I have do not do this toy justice. The Batmobile is controlled by your smartphone and is one of the coolest things I saw at the show. Retail on this baby is $250 but I think it is very worth the cash.


Check out the photo gallery which includes a look at the new Wonder Woman toys as well as a couple of costumes from the film. This highly anticipated film stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. The figures in their varying sizes and price points should appeal to collectors and kids alike. Let’s face it some collectors are just kids will bigger wallets!


Also take a good look at the Halo figures because I am pretty sure it looks like Nathan Fillion from Castle and Firefly fame. If I didn’t already want the Halo figures I would want this one for sure. The Halo line looks good and I am liking the 6 inch scale.

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