E.V.A.-New York Comic Con Coverage for Friday October 6 with Rob Banks

Everyone who is everyone is at New York Comic Con. I’ve watched this con go from a medium sized con, thrown in February to the juggernaut that it is today. 4 days of complete insanity. I crush of humanity…unwashed humanity for the most part. I remember the “good old days” when the con organizers would call me and ask if I wanted a press pass. Oh how times have changed.

One of our men on the scene is the main man over at The Red Cup Review, Rob Banks. Rob was in the thick of it on Friday and I know that he will be there again over the weekend so he is a braver man than I.

Rob hit a few booths snapping shots of upcoming product and I have to say I see a great collection in my future…oh yeah, and poverty, There is just so much goodness coming from Mezco, Diamond Select, Sideshow and even Hasbro.

Check out the photos and when you get time pop over to The Red Cup Review’s YouTube channel.

Our gratitude goes out to Rob Banks. All photos are property of Rob Banks and The Red Cup review.

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