Equipment: Trek the Halls this Season with Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments from Hallmark…Unboxing Video Included

Since 1991 Hallmark has produced some fantastic Star Trek themed Christmas ornaments. When the first Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments were produced they needed to be plugged into your string of lights for the “Magic” effects. Now, even if you don’t put up a tree, you can enjoy your ornaments year round. The Keepsake Ornaments for Star Trek do not disappoint. This year, aside from the convention exclusive I.S.S. Enterprise, Hallmark is also releasing a Michael Burnham and Saru, a cooing tribble and a 40th anniversary of the refit of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Star Trek, The Original Series was unceremoniously cancelled at just 3 seasons, ending in 1969. Soon after, Paramount wanted to revive the series which had gained a large following in syndication. Pre-production began on what was then known as Star Trek: Phase II. Most of the original cast was slated to return but a new series would never materialize. You see that at the time Hollywood was enamored with science fiction because of the success of Star Wars and other studios were clamoring to find their own space themed success. Paramount already had something spacy with a built in fan base so they pulled Star Trek from a small screen project to a multi-million dollar movie. The rest is history and on December 7. 1979 Star Trek the Motion Picture hit the big screen.

The return of Star Trek united the entire main cast from the Original series and updated everything from uniforms all the way to a revamped U.S.S. Enterprise. This re-fit supposedly took place following the historic 5 year mission that Captain Kirk and crew had embarked on during the show’s initial television run.

Since 1991 Hallmark has been producing amazing Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments. Starting with the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Hallmark as built up a nice fleet for your Christmas tree. (Please note that you should keep the Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments separated to avoid a possible galactic war).The Star Trek: The Motion Picture anniversary ornament is absolutely gorgeous. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the collectors out there who know that Hallmark treats Star Trek with respect. Personally I think that the detail and overall looks of the Star Trek ornaments has vastly improved over the years, though it is hard to improve upon perfection (What can I say but that I love these ships).
To celebrate Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s 40th anniversary Hallmark has produced a Keepsake Ornament of the refurbished U.S.S. Enterprise. The re-fit is still recognizable as the ship that defeated the Romulans at Tau Seti, travelled back in time to save the world from a nuclear disaster and protected the grain shipment headed to Sherman’s Planet. No matter what, the Enterprise is a beautiful ship.

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise measures approximately 2.6″ W x 1.32″ H x 5.7″ D and requires 3 LR41 batteries which are included. I really like that Hallmark uses batteries on their Keepsake Ornaments because by using battery power the ornament can be enjoyed every day of the year and not just Christmas.

Possible spoilers for first season of Discovery so if you haven’t watched it tread lightly.
Next we have something for the Star Trek: Discovery fans. This figure ornament depicts Commander Saru having a conversation with Michael Burnham from the episode, “Choose Your Pain.” Saru is delivering Captain Philippa Georgiou’s bequest to Burnham.

The likenesses of the figures are quite good. While the Saru does look like his character, as portrayed by Doug Jones, the Michael Burnham side of the ornament is not as detailed in profile. When looking at the figure’s face full on, you can see the resemblance to Sonequa Martin-Green but the profile isn’t the best. I am not saying that does not resemble Sonequa Martin-Green because it does but looks better from a distance, which works with it being on a tree, so it is not a major issue.

This “Magic” ornament measures 2.75″ W x 5.31″ H x 2.5″ D and has a sound chip that plays dialogue from the episode. The ornament requires 2 LR44 batteries that are included. The Saru and Michael Burnham Keepsake Ornament retails for $29.99 USD.(Insert excerpts from the dialogue)

The third ornament would be a Tribble ornament from the Original Series episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles.” In that episode the Enterprise is answers a distress call from Space Station K-7 but when they arrive they find there is no emergency. A representative from the Federation orders Captain Kirk to guard a special grain called Quadrotriticale. Kirk grants shore leave to the crew including Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) and Chekov (Walter Koenig). While they are on K-7 they meet Cyrano Jones, portrayed by Stanley Adams, who makes a living selling interesting merchandise, including tribbles.

These harmless creatures that are born pregnant are probably one of the most recognizable creatures from Star Trek. I have met people with zero knowledge of Star Trek but they know about tribbles. Fortunately the Hallmark Keepsake Tribble cannot get pregnant but what it can do is make you smile.

Just like the other Star Trek ornaments released this year your Hallmark Keepsake Tribble requires batteries, 3 LR44 batteries to be precise and they are included. The tribble will coo and vibrate slightly which is 100% better than the effects they used in 1966 I assure you.

Your Hallmark Keepsake Tribble measures approximately, 4.5″ W x 3.38″ H x 3.38″ D. Since this is another battery operated ornament you can display it year round. The Tribble Ornament retails for $19.99


All of these Star Trek Christmas Ornaments can be found at Hallmark Gold Crown stores but hurry because once they sell out they are gone.

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