Equipment: Diamond Select Toys at Toy Fair 2020

We do a fair amount of reviews throughout year for the fine folks over at Diamond Select Toys so it is always great to see what new things will soon be available. I did notice that there were a larger number of statues and busts in the booth this year. I’m not sure if it was my imagination or that there really were more since Diamond acquired Gentle Giant. Not talking bad about them, it was just an observation. The statues and busts are highly detailed and are beautiful.

Speaking of statues I really liked the look of the Vinimates for Godzilla and Rodan, gotta love the old school monsters. There was also a Luke Skywalker statue (see gallery for image) that called for my attention. The statue recreates that iconic scene from episode 4 where Luke is looking out across the wasteland and watches the twin suns set. When I first looked at the statue I could almost hear the music from that scene play in my head. What was incredible was that when you look at Luke’s face you could almost see the look of longing in his eyes. The sculptor did an amazing job.

Diamond does really have something for everyone. Whether you are a DC fan, a Marvel Fan or even a Star Wars fan, Diamond might just have something for you. Personally I am a huge fan of their Marvel Select line of action figures. I also like that the John Wick figures are the same size as the Marvel Select so you can have the Punisher and Wick attempt to kill each other. You are only limited to your imagination.

Please enjoy the gallery from Toy Fair 2020 and stay tuned for more news from DST.

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