Equipment: Mattel at Toy Fair 2020…Barbie, Hot Wheels, Jurassic World and He-Man!

I love the Monday breakfast with Mattel. It is more than just a booth tour, it is an event. The Mattel booth is not accessed by just everyone since it is tucked away on one of the upper floors. The only way to get past security is to have an appointment and I have to say I enjoy being on the list. This year I skipped the breakfast part so I could get into the showroom before my colleagues. It didn’t go exactly as planned since I ran into someone I knew just inside the door. By the time we were done chatting the room began to fill.

When trekking around the booth I came across a pleasant surprise, He-Man is back! These retro styled figures are slightly more poseable than the ones from our youth but they are just as cool. The core figures are there, He-Man, Man-at-Arms and Teela as well as some later releases such as my favorite, Man-E-Faces. Vehicles in the line include the Sky Sled and of course, Battle Cat. I think it is great that Mattel is making these again because it is time for new generation to feel the Power of Grayskull!

Also in the action category there are some outstanding additions to the Jurassic Park line. These new toys coincide with the release of a new Jurassic Park animated series called, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous which is set to air on Netflix later this year. Dinosaurs are very popular with children of all ages so I know I am not the only one excited for both the show and the toys. The giant Brachiosaurus looks great and it is massive.

Mattel also has some great offerings in their ever popular wrestling line. The toy that stood out in this section was the “Slambulance.” This vehicle is scaled to be used with the 7 inch figure line. The Slambulance is not just a vehicle it is a playset with moveable parts and accessories. So after a vicious cage match you can take your wounded wrestlers to the hospital only to get ambushed on route.

One of the other stand outs at Mattel would have to be the figures in the Barbie line. I like how Barbie has been embracing diversity. Barbie comes in all shapes and sizes now as well as having figures with disabilities. Barbie in a wheelchair isn’t something new but seeing her with prosthetic limbs is nice to see. We are all different and Barbie is becoming more and more inclusive. Children can look at these figures as say, “they are just like me!” Barbie also has new figures in their inspiring women series. The newest additions are Florence Nightingale, Ella Fitzgerald and tennis great Billie Jean King.

Check out the Mattel photo gallery and let us know what you are most excited for from Mattel!

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