Training Simulations: Prototype 2 Mobile App

PROTOTYPE 2 was released on April 24th worldwide, and now the PROTOTYPE 2 Official Sidekick mobile app is available to help gamers navigate the open world of NYZ.

The app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices and features:

INTERACTIVE LEVEL MAPS will guide you to unearth every collectible across NYZ
FOCUS YOUR HUNT with the ability to filter by zone and individual collectible type
TRACK YOUR PROGRESS across all found collectibles and earned achievements/trophies
EXPLORE THE POWER of Prototype 2’s mutations and learn how to obtain them

The PROTOTYPE 2 Official Sidekick is the ultimate companion to making the most of New York Zero and exacting revenge in the epic, open world game of PROTOTYPE 2. Interactive maps spanning the Green, Yellow and Red Zones of NYZ will help gamers hunt down every last collectible and check-off their progress as they play.
Gamers can try out the Yellow Zone map for FREE, and then unlock the Green and Red zones (combined map-pack upgrade) to uncover all that NYZ has to offer.

Itunes App Store (iOS) –
Google Play (Android) –

For more information on Prototype 2, please visit:

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