Equipment: Central City Police Badge from DC Collectibles


When you become a detective you get your gold shield. ThDSCN3237is is a Big Deal. Moving up from “beat cop” to detective is more about the bump in prestige than the bump in pay. Going from uniform to plain clothes may make getting dressed in the morning more of an issue but now you aren’t limited to wearing a single shade of blue. This is true for real world police officers as well as those who serve and protect in Central City. Now you get a chance to get your own gold shield without all the hard work.


DC Collectibles has come out with a gold shield from the hit series The Flash so you can show your love for Central City. You can wear this when you are hitting Jitters for your morning cup of joe or hitting the convention circuit.  Seriously, as I stated in my review of the Gotham City police badge, one of these badges is the cheapest way to cosplay you will find.


Just as the Gotham City Badge was taken from the props on the set; the Central City police badge is modeled off of the badges used in the hit CW show, The Flash. This badge is similar to what Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) or Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) uses on the show. This 1:1 prop is an amazing replica that can instantly make you a cop in your favorite fictional city.


Similar to the Gotham City Police Badge the Central City Detective badge is made of metal with a leather case and a belt clip. The Central City badge does come with the one thing I felt that the Gotham badge lacked, the ball chain. So now you can wear the badge around your neck much like a real detective. Speaking of the “real thing”, the badges produced by DC Collectibles are the closest you can get without spending time going to the police academy.


I spoke with one of my police acquaintances that checked out the badge and stated, “aside from it being a bit thinner and somewhat lighter, this is just like our badges.” I can only assume that real police badges are made the same way across the country so this would be similar to badges in your own hometown.


The Flash Central City Police badge is produced by DC Collectibles and it is quite nice. The badge has nice weight and is not cheap looking. This very high quality prop replica is made of metal with a genuine leather case and a steel ball chain for wearing around your neck. The leather badge case has a very strong and sturdy metal belt/pocket clip that will secure this badge wherever you choose. The badge also comes with a pin back so you can remove it from the leather case and clip to your uniform.


Just like with the Gotham City Police Badge I am very pleased with this prop replica. As I stated before, this badge make for instant cosplay. All you need to do is put on a suit, some scruffy looking clothes or just dress normally, strap this badge to your person and “boom” you are a cosplayer. Some people put hours of work into their costumes but this a much easier route to travel.


The Central City Police badge measures approximately 3 inches wide by 4 inches long and weighs approximately 4 ounces. The badge looks great and is a very high quality prop replica. Since it is safe to say that the accident at Star Labs didn’t make you a meta-human this badge is the only way you can help to bring justice to Central City.


Check out the other badge replicas offered by DC Collectibles including the Gotham City badge and the Starling City Police badge (which I hope to one day be able to review). These prop replicas are perfect for collectors and cosplayers alike so make sure you get yours before they are all gone!

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