Hard Copy: Star Wars Forces of Destiny-Tales of Hope and Courage Book Review

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a new series of animated shorts (under 5 minutes) that tells stories involving the female characters from the franchise. Coinciding with the release of the animation there is a line of action figures, toys and books. One of these books is Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Tales of Hope and Courage published by Studio Fun.

This young reader book consists of 6 short tales involving the female heroes of the rebellion. These previously unknown stories are told by Maz Kanata, the bar owner from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These stories are perfect for the suggested age range of 6-8. The tales are about friendship, selflessness, duty and of course, hope.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Tales of Hope & Courage includes stories about:

• Princess Leia-Her tale takes place on Hoth just prior to the events of “The Empire Strikes Back”

• Sabine-Her story takes place following in the events of the Rebels’ second season episode, “Blood Sisters.”

• Ahsoka Tano-Her story takes the reader back to when she was taken in by Jedi Knight        Plo Koon up to when she became Anakin’s Padawan.

• Padme Amidala-In Padme’s story she teams with Ahsoka to have the young Padawan          assist with security during a dinner party.

• Jyn Erso- Her story involves the rescue of a child and her cat.

• Rey-Her tale tells of how she was able to protect the wayward little droid called BB-8          when she found him on Jakku.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny-Tales of Hope and Courage has color coded sections instead of chapters, which may make it easier for younger readers. The 96 pages of story include illustrations with the artwork inspired by the Forces of Destiny animation. There are also 8 gatefold pages that enhance the story in some matter. These fold out pages are really a great addition to the book. As for the regular pages within, these are made to look as though they are from and old book, possibly one from Maz Katana’s personal collection. I doubt that the majority of the targeted demographic will make that observation but it is still a nice touch.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny-Tales of Hope & Courage was published by Studio Fun International. Written by Elizabeth Schaefer with illustrations by Adam Devaney it would make an excellent addition to your child’s library. As I stated before, this book is for readers ages 6-8 and it is just as perfect for boys as it is for girls. Suggested retail price is $11.99 and is available wherever books are sold.

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